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Hajime Sorayama is known world-wide for his imaginative and highly accomplished paintings of beautiful women. Using brush, pencil and acrylic paint, airbrushing only finishing details, he creates memorable images in a hyper-realistic style. He is often referred to as the contemporary Vargas by those familiar with his pin-up style works, and is respected by artists and illustrators for his perfect technique.  Hajime Sorayama was born in 1947 in Imabari, Ehime prefecture, Japan. He received his basic education at Imabari Kita High School. In 1965 he was admitted to the Shikoku Gakuin University, where he began to study Greek and English literature. In 1967, after the publication of his first work, Pink Journal, he transferred to Tokyo's Chuo Art School where he began to study art.Sorayama graduated in 1968 at the age of 21, and gained an appointment in an advertising agency. He became a freelance illustrator in 1972.[1] In 1978 he drew his first robot. He resides in Tokyo and has licensing offices in New York City.[2]-Read More  or   Visit his earlier years 1999  --  1947  (Connect here)

In retrospect, Sorayama's work has been remarkably prescient. Beginning in the 1970's and evolving into the 21st century, the futuristic aura of the robotic, mythic and fantastical figures in his art have always been ahead of their time.


   ■  2 Sorayama books in planning to be announced; " XL Masterworks " is one.


   ■  Sorayama book "Vibrant Vixens"
   ■  Sorayama 3D Latex Doll (Red version and Black version)
   ■  Book “Star Wars Art Concept” special commission works for George Lucas
   ■  Marvel Comic Cover “Iron Man 3"


   ■  Art for award winning music film “Love Like Aliens” by Rashad Haughton
   ■  Sorayama 3D Fantasy Figure Sexy robot human face 
   ■  Sorayama 3D Hot box  models
   ■  Group shows: Tokyo Do, Tokyo Japan |  Bunkamura Gallery Tokyo Japan |
          Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo, Japan |O Museum, Tokyo, Japan


   ■  Sexy Robot regular and chrome version
   ■  Exhibition at Gering & Lopez gallery NYC, USA
   ■  Exhibition by Tokyo Culyuart at Beams
   ■  Exhibition by B gallery at Beams


   ■  Sorayama book "Masterworks"

   ■  KAWS ”No Future Companion” by Sorayama version by MEDICOM TOY
   ■  Sorayama Sexy Robot T-shirt and poster by SixPack
   ■  Announcing Publication of newest Sorayama book--his complete masterworks release 2010

   ■  Exhibitions at WEAM museum, South Beach Florida and
   ■ Opera Gallery Art Show and Opening in New York City

   ■ DVD “Sorayama Secrets Revealed”
   ■ 20th Anniversary Exhibitions “Graphics & Messages” at GGG, Tokyo

   ■ Permanent Collection at WEAM (World Erotic Art Museum)
   ■ Group Exhibitions at Ginza Recruit Gallery, Tokyo
   ■ 1/6 Silver Bobbed Replicant PVC Statue [ More Information ]

   ■ White Dunk Project by Nike To view Sorayama’s Work, go to
   ■ [ Go to Artist Section > Second from Right, Third from Top ]
   ■ Playboy TV “Sexcetra”
   ■ Sorayama Show Room in NYC
   ■ Hysteric Mini 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition in Tokyo
   ■ Winter Invitational at Art at Large in NYC
   ■ SexTV Series aired in Canada
   ■ Future Mickey and His Friends / Disney & TOMY

   ■ Future Mickey / Disney & TOMY
   ■ Book “Venom” / Graphic-sha, Translated in English, Spanish, French and Germany
   ■ TV “The Venture Brothers” Season 1, Episode #11 “Past Tense” / Cartoon Network

   ■  One Man Show at Gallery GGG, Tokyo and Osaka, Japan
   ■  Book “LATEX GALATEA”

   ■ One Man Show at BAPE  Gallery in Tokyo , Japan
   ■ Book “Venom” Japanese Edition / Graphic-sha
   ■ Book “The Gynoids The Storage Box” / E-Treville

   ■ One Man Show in Beverly Hills, CA
   ■ Entertaiment Pet Robot “SONY AIBO” designed by Sorayama becomes a permanent
   ■ Collection of MOMA and Smithsonian Museum
   ■ Book “METALLICON” / Sakuhin-sha

   ■ Book “MOIRA” published in Germany / Edition Kunst der Comics
   ■ Book “SORAYAMART” published in France / Soleil
   ■ Book “GYNOIDS REBORN” / Edition Treville
   ■ SONY AIBO won Grand Prize of Best Design Awards, Japan

1999  --  1947  (Connect here)

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